Letter from the President, Nichole Shin:

"While searching for a non-profit to be our beneficiary, we decided we wanted to help children and families in some form. Family Promise’s mission immediately caught our attention. “To mobilize existing community resources to aid families with children experiencing homelessness and help them transition to sustainable independence.”

After meeting the Executive Director, Mary Saunders, at the Honolulu Facility we knew right away we were the perfect fit. Small, grass-roots organization that really focuses on helping families learn, grow, concentrate on a productive and stable future. No bells and whistles. Any dollar will help this facility continue to run and be an advocate for families. Mary’s passion for their purpose was instantly relatable and touched our hearts.   

Walking into the facility and seeing a 4 month old baby warm, safe, comfortable in a crib…what more can I say. This is an organization we feel fortunate to be able to support."

Some of the LGH Board Members presented a check to Family Promise of Hawaii on February 28, 2017: